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Are you up for the challenge? Can you read everyday for 75 Days in a row?
We’ll mail you one blog every day, for the next 75 days.
You can read all them all in your phone, anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is, read every day, and keep up the continuity!

As for what you’re going to read, The Blog Series is an Online Reading service we have developed from the Metaphysical Book, The Concept of ‘God’, written by Author Vinoth. We are a team of people who’re pushing reading as a great infotainment option, aside from music and videos. (More about us here —> About page. )

Reading gives you more than knowledge, you know. It gives you peace, teaches you patience, and most of all, it shows how we can slow down and take control of our lives. Also, it works just like the Videos on YouTube. Only here, your mind is the screen and your imagination, the videos.

Subscribe to our Blog Series, start reading on your phone, and make your screentime more productive.
Also, at the end of our series, we hope you will start reading a lot more books!

P.S. Use the code: PREMIUM and claim a 40% discount on your subscription to,
Premium Membership – The Blog Series
This is a One-Time Purchase plan that will give you access to all the chapters from The Blog Series. With a total of 75 blogs from all the 7 chapters in the book, The Concept of ‘God’, you will read one blog a day in your e-mail, every day. With this Premium plan, you will also recieve special videos, and podcasts from the Website. And, you can chat and discuss with the author as well, one to one, on any topic you wish to talk about!!

The List of Chapters from the Book are,

Chapter – 1 The ‘Science’ of Reality (Blogs 1 – 16)
Preview Blog 1 here, Chapter – 1: The Beginning

Chapter – 2 The ‘Soul’ of Spirituality (Blogs 17 – 22)
Preview Blog 17 here,Chapter – 2: The Beginning

Chapter – 3 Senses and Consciousness (Blogs 23 – 31)
Preview Blog 23 here, Chapter – 3: The Beginning

Chapter – 4 Chaos and Order (Blogs 32 – 40)
Preview Blog 23 here, Chapter – 4: The Beginning

Chapter – 5 Time (Blogs 41 – 48)
Preview Blog 41 here, Chapter – 5: The Beginning

Chapter – 6 Energy (Blogs 49 – 62)
Preview Blog 49 here, Chapter – 6: The Beginning of the Beginning

Chapter – 7 God (Blogs 63 – 75)
Preview Blog 63 here, Chapter – 7: The Evolution of Religions

We’ll send you the links, and the passwords to the secure blogs directly to your inbox, after you subscribe to the plan.
Enjoy the reads! Do share your comments about the posts.

Also, by subscribing to the plan you agree to our terms and conditions along with our refund policy.

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  1. Calvin

    Its started off well. too sciency though. maybe its different in the second chapter. but allinall great series and content.

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