Chapter 5. Time


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The List of topics from the chapter are,

The Beginning
The 3 Arrows of Time
The Relative Time
The Key to Study Time
The Harmony of Bodies
Pausing Time
The Static Energy
Energy’s Momentum
The Levels of Momentum

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36 reviews for Chapter 5. Time

  1. Amutha

    The part where it explains time and energy are the same is super. Nice blogs. Suberb reads ☺☺

  2. Subramanian SP

    Fantastic Chapter!!!!

  3. Dhinesh Kumar

    Amazing ending. The levels of Momentum was fantastic…!!! 😮😮😮

  4. Gayathri Pradeep

    Time is energy’s momentum. Amazing explanation by the author.

  5. xavier jayakumar

    Nice reading. Amazing explanations about time, energy and particles.

  6. Varsha Radhakrishnan

    Using Kundalini meditation to stop psychological time to understgand what energy is! Wow.

  7. Mohammed Haneef


  8. Vikraman Vs

    Nice way of explaining energy and time. Loved it!

  9. Manohar G


  10. Dinakran Sreenivasan

    Energy’s Momentum blog was mindblowing!!!

  11. Mohan Mohan

    One of the few authors who explains what is time, rather than just how it works. Great work.


    Nice Chapter.

  13. Ramya Sree

    Chakras Blog is good!

  14. Vishnu Vardhan

    You cant pause time.. it is ever flowing.

  15. Meenakshi V

    Time is amazing through the eyes of the author. Excellent explanations.

  16. Swarna Balasubramaniam


  17. Ragavi S

    Superb explanation about Time!

  18. Kathiravan

    Energy momentum is nice. Some new explanations in this chapter.

  19. Geetha Raghu


  20. Udhay S

    Excellent reads

  21. Abhirami S

    Good Read

  22. Karthik Perumal

    Five Stars

  23. P Srinivas

    Awesome chapter

  24. Mohamed Ameerdeen

    Superb 👌

  25. vaithiya nathan


  26. MaHEsH MaHi


  27. Bhagya Laxmi


  28. selva Kumar


  29. அப்துல் ராஜாக்

    Each chapter keeps getting better..


    Loved it!💥💥

  31. Nishapriya Nishapriya

    Time is amazing!

  32. sankar narayanan


  33. Sai Vishwanath

    mindblowing chapter!



  35. Neeraj Neeraj


  36. Govind G

    Good Read!

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