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The 'Science' of Reality (2)

Blog Series - The Concept of God

The Blog Series is an Online Reading service we have developed from the Metaphysical Book, The Concept of 'God', written by Author Vinoth. We are a team of people who're pushing reading as a great infotainment option, aside from music and videos.

It's a 75 days Reading Challenge too! The question is, can YOU complete the challenge?

We have designed the Blog Series so as to make reading, a permanent habit for our subscribers. By reading a blog every day for the next 75 days, you will develop a great new habit with your phone, a habit that is both productive and intuitive.

Once you complete reading all our blogs, you will notice a new craving to read something new everyday. That's when we feel proud!

Reading gives you more than knowledge you know. It gives you peace, it teaches you patience, and most of all, it shows how we can slow down and take control of our lives. Also, it works just like the Videos on YouTube. Only here, your mind is the screen and your imagination, the videos.

Subscribe to our Blog Series, start reading on your phone, and make your screen time more productive.
And, like we said before, after completing our series we know you will start reading a lot more books!

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What is the Premium Subscription Plan?

This is a One-Time Purchase plan that will give you access to all the chapters from The Blog Series.

With a total of 75 blogs from all the 7 chapters in the book, The Concept of 'God', you will read one blog a day in your e-mail, every day.

With this Premium plan, you will also receive special videos, and podcasts from the Website. And you can chat and discuss with the author as well, one to one, on any topic you wish to talk about!!

What Comes in the Blog Series?

The List of Chapters from the Book are,

Chapter - 1 The ‘Science’ of Reality (Blogs 1 - 16)
Preview Blog 1 here ---> Chapter - 1: The Beginning

Chapter – 2 The ‘Soul’ of Spirituality (Blogs 17 - 22)
Preview Blog 17 here ---> Chapter - 2: The Beginning

Chapter – 3 Senses and Consciousness (Blogs 23 - 31)
Preview Blog 23 here ---> Chapter - 3: The Beginning

Chapter – 4 Chaos and Order (Blogs 32 - 40)
Preview Blog 23 here ---> Chapter - 4: The Beginning

Chapter – 5 Time (Blogs 41 - 48)
Preview Blog 41 here ---> Chapter - 5: The Beginning

Chapter – 6 Energy (Blogs 49 - 62)
Preview Blog 49 here ---> Chapter - 6: The Beginning of the Beginning

Chapter – 7 God (Blogs 63 - 75)
Preview Blog 63 here ---> Chapter - 7: The Evolution of Religions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I subscribe to The Blog Series?

Just click on the subscription link and it will take you to the checkout page. There you can enter your e-mail ID along with your name and fill out the payment details. Then you can click the place order button to confirm your subscription.

2. Why should I subscribe to The Blog Series?

The Blog Series has been designed to be a new form of entertainment. By subscribing to it, you become one of the early members who got into a new entertainment trend. Also, you support our efforts in creating new written content for the world to read.

3. How do I use the discount code to subscribe?

You can enter the discount code in the check-out page while placing your order for subscription. From this page, you can get to the check-out page by clicking on the 'Subscribe to The Blog Series' button.

4. How to stop your mails from getting to my spam folder?

This happens because your e-mail client doesn't recognise our e-mail address. To prevent the issue, open our mail in the Spam folder and mark it as 'Not Spam'. The e-mail will move to your inbox immediately and all the new mails will come directly to your inbox from then on. 

Join the Reading Challenge

Once you subscribe to the plan we'll start sending you the links, and the passwords to the secure blogs directly to your inbox. Enjoy the reads! Do share your comments about the posts.

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