The Concept of 'God' by Author Vinoth

The Concept of God

An Introspection into the Endless.


Why am I alive?’ or ‘What’s the purpose of existence?’

These questions could flip our lives in a single moment.

It did so for me!
The  search for knowledge led me into the deepest part of my mind and into  the farthest reaches of the universe. I learnt a lot, I understood a  lot, I felt a lot and I realised that it is this knowledge that will  help people to better themselves. A weighted responsibility on me now,  is to share with everyone what I learned so far and what I learn right  now, every minute of my life as an aware individual. I hope to help  everyone understand themselves and teach everyone how to diversify their  thoughts by sharing with you all the knowledge I gain.
It is that knowledge and my varied perspectives, I share in my book(s).
My  journey has just started with “The Concept of ‘God’” and I hope by the time I finish; I could change the world for the better.

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Who is Author Vinoth?


Born  in Madurai, educated in Dindigul and Coimbatore, I shifted base to  Chennai for pursuing my civil service dream. when I stumbled upon a  meditation centre where I learnt ‘Energy meditation’, the master being  Mr. Vethathri Maharishi. My journey into spirituality began as an  accident (?) and I discovered a totally different world of knowledge  there. Everything I learnt in science seemed one sided now. The  teachings of this spiritual school of thought was introverted. I learnt  several types of meditation there and continued practicing them. This  world seemed so different from the sciences and for a guy who was  immersed in sciences and its theories, it was very intriguing. This  started my journey in the search for “The Concept of God”.

Testimonials for The Concept of 'God'

Never  read such amazing work before. What a brilliant, intellectual and deep  balance between everything. A scientific ‘Bible’ for all.

Haryank Doharey

Good  book to read. The way author explains things are awesome. Its shows us  to see certain things like time, senses in different dimensions.

Senthil Kumar

It answers basic questions. good start for those who wish to world as well own being . This is apt.


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