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I was an engineer at 22, a science teacher at 25, I became a meditator by 27 and finally I evolved into an author at 28. Having  learnt through a lot of subjects while preparing for the civil service  exams, I came to understand more about the society we live in, the life we go through and most importantly, the dread of our existential crisis as human beings! The fast-paced lifestyles of everyone around me, made  me realise we’re missing something or even, we lost track somewhere.
I realised I didn’t want an empty life chasing after the tomorrow that never comes.
I wanted my life to be more meaningful, and so, I started my search for meaning. That’s when I went spiritual and started meditating! My experience as a science teacher taught me ‘how to think', while my meditative thoughts led me towards ‘what to think about’ and my journey towards a meaningful life began.
The more I meditated the more I realised I could strike a balance between  science and spirituality. I understood that a new perspective can be  brought forward. A new explanation for everything around us can be  forged. I realised I should address the most important question every  person faces in their lives. The ‘God’ question, of course! I hoped I would find the answer in that balance.
And sure enough, I did!
I realised that it is not the varied religions that mislead people when  it comes to ‘God’. But it is people’s ignorance about the reality and  their lives that’s the real culprit there.
My purpose became clear here.
I have to share with everyone, everything I’ve learnt so far. To teach  people about the reality we live in and the wonders it hides within. To  help them learn how to think and what to think about. To make them  realise and experience their own lives. In doing so, they will find the  answers they seek, they dream and yearn for.
With this new found meaning, I wrote the book, starting my life afresh, as an author.
But I must admit, I learn a lot while writing books than when I think about writing them. It seems the more we search for something, the more we realise it’s been around us the whole time.
My journey through life continues with my second book, Fivth Dimension.


"…  Vinoth arugues from the side of  an unacknowledged seeker in all of us,  away from religious domains, without confirming to any ideology…"

– intellectualreader.in

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