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Science and Religion Have Been at Loggerheads for Years

The  question of who or what the omnipotent entity is and how it came about  in the first place, is placed beyond the human mind’s comprehension by  almost all religions!
With belief in religious scriptures, humankind has  progressed for more than 4000 years and has trusted in the entity for  answers about reality and life.
Even though science and technology  have made a huge progress in understanding reality, there still remain a  few fundamental questions that can’t be answered by science yet.
Questions like what are energy and time, where did they come from, why  does reality exist, what is the purpose of existence, etc., have much  precedence for the common man than scientific theories like relativity  and research fields like quantum physics.
With the purpose of existence unclear, and science striving to  understand it, religions grip humankind again and provide answers to  their questions by pointing towards the omniscient consciousness again.

Consciousness, can it be real?

To  know the answer for sure, we must understand what consciousness means.  But, natural sciences don’t provide a clear-cut definition of the term  ‘consciousness.’
We can search for the definition in a realm of  knowledge that is not generally considered scientific. This realm which  gave birth to various religions in the Eastern world, the field of  knowledge that can define life and consciousness in the most skillful  way possible is spirituality.
Concepts like soul, mind,  consciousness, karma, etc., each having a wide meaning, are so far thought to be non-scientific. But these ideas are holistically explained by spirituality. The science behind spiritual techniques remains unclear for the masses, so these concepts are being understood to be of  divine origin.
If spirituality and its teachings are explained  through science, and a merger between science’s developments and  spirituality’s explanations about reality can be brought forward, the  answer to the question of who created reality can be faced with reason.  Such an attempt to understand reality and then understanding the creator  of reality is The Concept of ‘God.’

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What People Say About The Concept of 'God'

Though Vinoth M got his debut work, The Concept of ‘God’, published in 2018, his book has intrigued many readers since then. The writing, as I could analyse from his debut work, mainly concerns with an analysis of available resources of knowledge in various fields – such as spirituality, metaphysics, science, religion and so on… Vinoth has tried to explore God with his questions and with his opinions and also with his urge to induce others into thinking.
Gunjan Sharma
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The Concept of ‘God’: Well, to be honest, this is more of a scientific inquiry into the very existence of God where you can read all the possible nuances that ‘lead’ to the creation of an idea called God, as the author has tried to convey in this book. Written by emerging author, Vinoth M, who holds an engineering degree, the book explores the idea of God and tries to argue from the side of an unacknowledged seeker in all of us, away of religious domains, without conforming to any ideology. The book will give you many thoughts to begin your inquiry depending upon your reception of the book’s overall idea.
Vinoth M's approach is more and more scientific as he takes on the concepts that we usually associate with the existence of God and God's idea. Vinoth, scientifically and logically, within his ambit, tries to lead the readers into thinking that most of the things (and eventually everything) comes after human beings only. Vinoth's approach is that of a rationalist who weighs everything on the same scale. There are various concepts in the book and God has been given one complete chapter after being featured in almost all the chapters. Vinoth M sounds intriguing, interesting and certainly readable.

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