Forms of Worship

65. Conflicts and Conquests

With the (religious) scriptures passing on through time, the coming generations started believing that the original thinkers of their religious beliefs as Gods themselves! This belief was actually intended to respect the first thinkers of the religious faiths, but it went on the exact opposite way of the intentions! The philosophers who have no part in any religions are being worshipped even without their knowledge!

Through centuries, the religious ideas with their prime deities and Gods got solidified through a somewhat blind belief, and the beliefs were forced on…

63. Evolution of Religions – 1

Throughout history, any discussion about God involved men following different religious faiths to put forward their ideas about God and debate against the other religions.

They derive their ideas from the scriptures of their religions, which were passed on from one generation to the next. The authenticity of these scriptures is placed beyond questioning from…

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