70. The Modern World and it’s New Avenues

When colonialism began, and contacts grew between civilisations more than ever before, Gods and religions had attained a stable place in the minds of the weak.

Some of the strong and intelligent progressed forward in the name of science. They had one goal, to explain the reality in a better sense than the religions ever did before. Philosophical discussions grew on the side with…

69. Intrinsic Effects

Culturally and economically, the societies grew in the most complex way possible. Comprehending each and every step in the evolution of cultures is a tremendous task, but it is a beautiful sight to see the steps involved in the changes. True, we can read about them in books, observe their diversity in our travels and so on; but to see how every word of every language influences the thought process of its people and how it shapes up their minds, it is mind-blowing.

Words are powerful, yes, but using one specific word instead of another and observing how it affects every layer of our…

68. Political Control

The Religions were originally formulated to simplify spirituality’s ideas and teach them to people. All religious scriptures explain (spiritual) ideas like karma, the joys and sorrows of life and so on, in a way the common man can understand.

They did so in the language the local communities of the time can understand, and it was done by people who understood these ideas in their essence. Right now, with a whole lot of…

66. Rising Concerns

The thing that created such confusions about of God is that, throughout time, men have been adding up a lot of properties to the entity.

We saw how the societal norms and their reverence were added to the deities, and how the questions unsolvable by men were immediately added to the God’s knowledge. We still use the phrase, ‘Only God knows…’ or ‘Leave it in the hands of God…’ These little actions…

65. Conflicts and Conquests

With the (religious) scriptures passing on through time, the coming generations started believing that the original thinkers of their religious beliefs as Gods themselves! This belief was actually intended to respect the first thinkers of the religious faiths, but it went on the exact opposite way of the intentions! The philosophers who have no part in any religions are being worshipped even without their knowledge!

Through centuries, the religious ideas with their prime deities and Gods got solidified through a somewhat blind belief, and the beliefs were forced on…

64. Evolution of Religions – 2

In time, man learnt about the connection between the forces of nature, between the mountains and the rivers, between the sun and the trees, and so on. He then started believing in a spirit or a force, connecting all these forces with one another and finally, with himself.

There began animism, with the belief in the intricate connection between everything and the deities were assigned relational statuses. The distinction between the forces of creation and forces of destruction took a firm hold…

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