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The Concept of ‘God’ – The Series

About the Series

The Blog Series is an initiative by Author Vinoth & Team to spread the ideas from the book, The Concept of ‘God’, to every eager mind in the world. With beautiful images and illustrations, each blog is designed to make you more inquisitive and question the very nature of reality, life and even, God!

With the 7 chapters from the book divided into 75 blogs, you will experience the book, topic by topic in our advertisement-free website, delving deeper and deeper into it, one Blog at a time. Get acquainted with this by reading through The Preface in the next blog, and continue reading Chapter – 1, The ‘Science’ of Reality, from its first blog, The Beginning.

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About The Concept of ‘God’

God – the supernatural being, the perfect, the omnipotent and the omniscient originator, and ruler of the universe – is the object of worship in almost all religions across the world. Usually, people understand God through the religions they’re born in. This way, they get to learn how and why their Gods created reality and put them in it.

But is this the only possible way to understand this entity?

What if one takes an alternate route to understand God? What if one first understands the reality God created – the reality that everything and everyone’s a part of – and then identifies the entity itself? Reality includes everything around and inside it, and inevitably includes us. Understanding the reality requires a metaphysical analysis of life and the universe. And metaphysics reaches an incredibly new level if the knowledge of the Western sciences is merged with the everlasting ideas of the Eastern spiritual philosophies!

With multiple perspectives making the reader constantly inquisitive, The Concept of ‘God’ merges the knowledge of science and spirituality to understand the nature of life and reality and then finds out who the all-powerful God is!

The Concept of 'God'
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