Random Thoughts

Practicing the Pause

https://www.buymeacoffee.com/authorvinoth How many times in our lives have we regretted about losing control in a situation and doing something we regret? Be it getting angry at the people we love and saying or doing something that hurt them or even being rude to complete strangers wh might have needed our help genuinely. ‘I was in …

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The Pet Plant

Many of us are used to having pets. They could be pups, kittens, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, lambs, calfs, or sometimes chameleons like in the movie ‘Tangled’. But, people seldom have plants as their pets. When someone does have a pet plant, people look at them like they are crazy, talking to the leaves and …

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An Overdose of Rationality

‘Don’t eat that, it’s against our religion!’, ‘Don’t do that, our religion forbids that!’, ‘Don’t wear that dress, it’s not our culture, it’s theirs!’  ‘Don’t talk to them, they belong to that caste!’, ‘Don’t trust them, they belong to that religion!’. Are you used to hearing these words? Is your religion controlling so much of …

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