Practicing the Pause

How many times in our lives have we regretted about losing control in a situation and doing something we regret? Be it getting angry at the people we love and saying or doing something that hurt them or even being rude to complete strangers wh might have needed our help genuinely.

‘I was in a hurry that day…’, ‘I just can’t stand that person!’, ‘I wasn’t rude first, he started it!’

It is very easy to blame the situation and true we might have been in a hurry actually. But, how composed we were in our past can only be judged by our own conscience.

Our lives are in a constant fast forward mode and we’re always running towards something, don’t we? We wake up every morning and rush towards our jobs. On the way we yell at the traffic, scorn at the people moving slowly ahead of us, because we want to rush to the office. When we get to work though, we get yelled at by our bosses and though we want to yell back, the thought of the salary comes before us. After work, we want to rush back home.

Even when we interact with people, we want the other person to rush through whatever they are talking about, so that we can start talking. We want to rush through everything! Even the food we eat needs to be rushed through! It’s fast food, right?

So, where are we going then? why is there such a hurry? Don’t you think all this rush is making us loose a gripover our lives? Do you remember the time when you were calm and composed that you took charge of the situation you were in, whatever it might’ve been?

We need to slow down, a lot and i mean, a lot. Too many times we have missed the oppurtunities to savour the experiences our lives provide us. All we have to do is take a moment to think before we respond instinctively. Every person, every life form in this world goes through a different set of experience that others are completely oblivious about. if our experiences are ours and ours alone, it is upto us to appreciate their beauty.

But, how, you ask? It’s called taking a pause. pause before you talk, pause before you act, pause before you reply, pause before you even think. When you take a pause, you take your time to process the situation around you. In that time, you understand the different factors in your situation. Like, if you are in a conversation with someone, taking a pause before you reply, can help you understand the other person’s situation, mindset, expectances, and so on. In that situation, the pause can help you become a better communicator.

If you are in a confrontation, taking a pause is a hard thing to do. But, fighting your urge to reply instinctively, angrily can help you save yourself from trouble and regret.

It is quite a chalenging task to control your instincts. But I assure you, once you learn to pause before you act or talk, you will notice the changes inside and around you.

And once you’ve mastered the pause, you can extend it’s duration. It’s called meditation, by the way and we’ll talk about it later!



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