75. What do you think?

If the ego factor is controlled in the future and humankind moves on to form an egalitarian society, at the collective level, there’ll still be a lot of questions left for man to seek answers to.

Like we saw earlier, science had understood only 5 percent of the known universe with the rest of it remaining a complex mystery. This goes along with the words of Werner Heisenberg, “The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass…

62. Parallel Universes & The Grand Illusion

The energy medium can give rise to parallel universes. But the nature of the universes can vary, and it depends upon the initial conditions they began or begin or will begin with.

Our universe started after pressure built-up on a point in the energy medium. This pressure led to heat and finally the hot singularity. The probability that the same event starts on another point in the energy medium is high. Equally probable are the situations where the initial conditions…

61. Aliens/ Time Travel

The occurrence of life on any planet across the universe is easily possible and also inevitable, and this is becoming a well-known fact by now. The form, the physical structure of the life forms may differ from that of our own, but the evolution of the senses in the specific order (from ‘touch’ to ‘time’) can be certain.

The conditions of ecosystems in any other planet helps its life forms to evolve their physical bodies to suit their needs and threats. Also, the astral body will always evolve to…

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