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About the Author

Vinoth M is an Author from Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

He’s also an Entrepreneur and a Philosophical orator. He was a Civil Services aspirant when he wrote his first book and published it. With interests in natural sciences from a young age, he reads a lot to understand all the phenomena happening around him. His interests in science got piqued up when he started working as a Science Teacher and he got even more excited when he stepped into the world of Spirituality to understand the meaning of life, existence and God!

Writing a book came out as a sudden idea and he moved out from his study schedule to write a full length philosophical masterpiece! He decided to blend the two broad worlds of knowledge, science and spirituality, to bring out his unique perspective about reality and life. He realised the importance of both individual and collective perspectives about reality and God and expressed this in his writing. It was a challenging task to find a balance between all the perspectives, but Vinoth got excited with the amount of knowledge he was gaining while writing the book!

Now, he is working on his second book, with even more experience and knowledge! We’ll keep you updated on that. Until then, Enjoy his debut bestseller, The Concept of ‘God’!

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