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23. Senses and Consciousness – The Beginning

Presently, we know the existence of 6 major senses in living beings. The senses of touch, sight, smell, taste, hearing and reason, and we proudly claim we are the sole possessors of all of them!

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Evolution helped living organisms to develop different body parts for performing various functions (as physiological diversification). All body parts are, in turn, coordinated effectively for every organism’s survival. The physical body and the soul emerged and underwent changes along the evolution process. This is where sciences understood the changes in the physical body while spirituality understood the changes in the soul.

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We had seen in the previous chapter how the physical body and the soul maintain a systemic balance in an organism. When the physical body needed to perform a function, a new organ evolved to assist the organism (of course, it takes a lot of time). It is considered a natural course of action for an organ to evolve in an organism’s physical body but what eludes our eyes is the factor that prompts the physical body to grow these organs!

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For example, when an organism evolves an organ like the eye, the function of the eye – to perceive the surroundings – is said to add up after the eye comes into place or grows up. This process has been considered biological, but what really happens here is that the sense of perception is evolved in the organism’s soul, with the eye assisting from its physical body.

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We are so used to thinking that the organs evolved to perform functions for the physical body, but actually, it is the soul, the energy that pushes the physical body to evolve the organ. It then uses the function of that organ. This happens because for the soul (the energy field) to maintain itself in a changing environment, a physical body that is capable of surviving any hazards is needed. And, for the physical body to survive, it has to give rise to newer and newer organs!

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These organs should be able to analyse their surroundings and absorb the required inputs, like nutrients or water or heat, and aid the physical body to maintain the energy field, that is, the soul. Thus, when a need arises for a soul to make progress in its survival – for maintaining an equilibrium with its surroundings – it pushes the physical body to change its structure and thereby its function. This push by the soul is expressed as the senses and sensory organs. Like that of different organisms, the senses and sensory organs have an interesting evolutionary history too!

Of the 6 senses we know of, the sixth sense holds the highest place of importance in our thoughts about life and reality, since it is with this sense of reason, we are questioning everything right now. So, we’ll speed up to the sixth sense’s evolution through the first 5 senses in the coming posts!

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