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49. Energy – The Beginning of the Beginning

Energy being the only infinite factor across reality, with our current understanding of the universe through Science and Siddha philosophy and about life through evolution, we can make a fairly accurate picture of our reality.

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The beginning and working of the universe in our hypothesis can be sourced back to the existence of energy all throughout reality. Before (and now too!) our universe got formed, energy pervaded all through space. However, space, as we know now, couldn’t have existed back then. What was present was energy, and it was a formless, opaque, permeable and static potential capable of transforming into anything! There was no space and no time, or space-time as we know now.

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Time being absent, it is impossible to say, when the energy came into reality in the first place. But what we can say is that energy existed without any disturbances attached to it. At some point in the field of energy, a sudden change in density occurred, that is, the concentration of energy at a particular point in the field increased. This point gradually pulled some or more of the energy around it.

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The reason for energy being sucked into a single point cannot be attributed to gravity since gravity as a force evolved after the formation of matter. What could’ve happened was that, the potential of the medium enabled the energy to compress upon itself into a single point! The density of energy grew in that point and a whole lot of energy, trillions and trillions and trillions of joules of it, compressed into the point smaller than the size of our standard atom.

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The energy at this point could be said to have gained pressure. With the increase in pressure, the obvious assumption we can take is that temperature increased with it. Here, we must contradict with the Siddhas about the formation of the universe, who say heat evolved after the element of fire, as a result of friction between atoms and molecules.

What could’ve happened was that the pressurised energy got transformed or evolved, into heat energy! The action here was pressure on energy and the reaction, heat. In other words, the energy’s causative property helped its transformation into heat energy. With increasing heat, the temperature of the point of energy grew to unprecedented levels.

The super dense, super-hot point that got formed in the energy medium is what we saw before, as a singularity.

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